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Apr 18

Sebastian DAMN

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Mar 29
We haven’t seen yet what a truly bad government is capable of doing with modern information technology. What the good ones get up to is terrifying enough.
We put so much care into making the Internet resilient from technical failures, but make no effort to make it resilient to political failure.
Mar 26




June Previews is out tomorrow, meaning our entirely-created-for-previews trailer story will be out in the world.

Bleeding Cool has just ran it.

And now it’s here.

Mention it to the shop if you want more.

June 18th 2014

So there you go.

Something I am fascinated by about this - I’ve consciously not read interviews etc so I dunno if the creators have brought it up - is the 90 year gap, which a) specifically precludes our finding direct parallels with anyone we might normally think of as a pop icon - we can’t say “oh, Lennon is Character X”, “Marilyn is Character Y”, b) does this despite (I’m betting) the characters drawing liberally from our mental iconography of ‘pop icons’, which means c) this is presenting an amazingly optimistic view of pop culture - its premise implies that the entirety of the pop music we know about is a kind of distant after-echo / rising pre-echo of these archetypal pop stars who will be the MOST POP POP STARS EVER and that this can happen in the mid-2010s. Making them the culmination of pop not (as is often suggested) part of its marginalisation or decline.

Setting yourself a challenge of “I am going to write pop icons that are more awesome than almost any pop icon you have actually heard of” is neat, basically. Aim high and all that.

Goddammit Tom it is too early for you to be outdoing us all with smart analysis.

Feb 10
Flappy Bird v Super Mario Bros 3 pipegif

Flappy Bird v Super Mario Bros 3 pipegif

Feb 07
Jan 29
In Down the Tube: The Battle for London’s Underground (2002), Wolmar quotes from a study into the Jubilee extension by the Centre for Land Studies. The author, Don Riley, worked out that the £3.5 billion spent on the line had increased the value of the land along its route by £13 billion. He suggested a way to tax the extra revenue landlords gained as a result, which would have paid back the cost of building the line by 2020, with money to spare.
Jan 24
Jan 23